• NCHS Redbook Technology Information

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    Bring your Chromebook to school every day. You should charge your Chromebook each night. Please do not put any stickers on your Chromebook. If you have a problem with your Chromebook please get assistance in the IT Tech Office, room 107. Helpdesk Hours: M-F 7:15 am to 3:30pm.
    Here is a list of potential Chromebook Web Tools http://tinyurl.com/203webtools
    Map of Chromebook Shortcuts: Press Ctrl + Alt + ?


    Our school district uses Hapara to make learner based activity visible. Hapara Highlights enables teachers full visibility to their learners’ current Internet viewing on Chromebooks. It also allows teachers to see what you have on your screen and your Google Drive is visible to your teachers and administration.
    Here is more information on Hapara https://hapara.com/

    Student Email

    Sign in to your Chromebook with your District Google Email and your District Google Password. Your district Gmail Account is username@stu.naperville203.org  Any school related emails should use the district Gmail account.


    Access Canvas using the following link: https://canvaslaunch.naperville203.org/canvaslaunch4.html or at the quick link on the School Website.

    Login using your student Google accont.

    Login with Google











    Infinite Campus Student Portal

    As a student of Naperville School District 203 you have been provided a login to the student information system portal website (Infinite Campus). The URL to that website: https://infinitecampus.naperville203.org/campus/portal/naperville.jsp or on the Quick Links on the School website.

    Use your student ID as the Username and your password. This password is unique to the Infinite Campus Portal. It is not necessarily the same as your district password.

    Infinite Campus

    Changing a Password in Infinite Campus

    While already logged into Infinite Campus click “Account Management”  ***Passwords must be at least 8 characters (one upper case letter needed) Or if you don’t want use an upper case letter in the password; you can choose at least 9 characters***

    Student Infinite Campus Portal Help

    If you forget your password or for any other technical assistance, please get assistance in the IT Tech Office, room 107. Helpdesk Hours: M-F 7:15 am to 3:30pm

    Follow Me Printing on Chromebooks

    1.        Click on Print or press CTRL P

    2.        Click the dropdown arrow under Destination.  Choose NCHS Papercut Follow Me. If you don't see this choice, click on See More.

    3.        Click Print

    4.        When prompted, enter your Canvas Username and Password. Please select the Remember Me checkbox, so your device will remember your login details for one week.

    All of these printers require you to use your ID number to release your print jobs.

    Printer Locations: 

    NC PRINT KIOSK P1   Right next to the cafeteria across from room 117

    NC PRINT KIOSK P2   Back 2nd floor lounge area overlooking the bus drop off close to room 219

    NC PRINT KIOSK 212  Hallway near the 212 rooms

    NC PRINT KIOSK P3   Front 2nd floor lounge area near theIncubator Classroom.

    NC PRINT KIOSK P4   Front 3rd floor lounge area directly above the Incubator Classroom, near room 300

    NC PRINT KIOSK P5   Back 3rd floor lounge area nearest the stadium, near room 319

    NC PRINT KIOSK P6   Flat wing near room 54

    NC PRINT KIOSK Basement - in the B Hallway

    NC LRC 4235i B&W     In the Learning Commons - Black and White Printer.  
    NC LRC C3530iF         In the Learning Commons - Color printer - be sure to change the setting to Color on your document before sending it to print.


    When directed by the teacher for specific major assignments, students must submit the final draft of each major paper directly to turnitin.com (or through Canvas, which then works with turnitin.com whenever Canvas asks you to verify that your submission is your own original work). The teacher reserves the right to withhold issuing credit for an assignment until it is submitted to Turnitin.com. Additionally, the teacher reserves the right to request said paper digitally as well as accepting a student-generated print copy.

    STEPS: 1) Go to www.turnitin.com or use the link on the Students page on the school website, in the Login In To . . . section.
    2) Click on “Create Account” and then scroll down to “Create a New Account”
    3) Click on “Student”
    New Account
    4) Follow onscreen instructions.
    5) When you finish creating your profile, you will see on your home page the class you enrolled in.
    6) Each time a teacher provides an enrollment ID and password, you do not need to create a new account! Just log in with the username and password you created and select “enroll in a class.”



    *Username: _use your school student email address here




    *Class ID: ___________________Enrollment password: ________________

    *Class ID: ___________________Enrollment password: ________________

    *Class ID: ___________________Enrollment password: ________________

    *Class ID: ___________________Enrollment password: ________________

    Things to Know About Logging on to an NCHS Computer that is not a Chromebook

    Logging on to a computer

    Your User Name is usually first initial, middle initial (if you have one) and your full last name. For example, John J Smith’s user name would be jjsmith. Occasionally there will be a number at the end of the User Name (jjsmith1) if students have similar names. Your counselor will provide you with this information.

    Students: If you forget your password or for any other technical assistance, please come to the IT Tech Office - Room 107.

    Password Changes

    You must be on a Naperville Central Computer to change your district password. This password is for your School Computer Login, Canvas, and Email accounts. At the initial login page, before you actually login, press Control, Alt, and Del at the same time and then click on Change password.
    NCHS Computer