Expectations and Rules for Students

  • It is my expectation that all students will do their personal best in art class just as they would in any other class offered in the Middle School.  I frequently hear comments from students that they are not good in art.  It is not necessary to be a "good artist" to do well in our art classes.  What is necessary is a good attitude, a willingness to try new things, good listening skills, good teamwork skills, and a sense of exploration and curiosity to individually meet project requirements. Art provides the opportunity for students to experience a different atmosphere from the standard classroom settings. It can be fun, relaxing, hands-on, messy, exciting, social, and many other potentially new and sometimes out of the ordinary experiences. However, it also comes with a set of different rules that must be followed:

    • Safety: listen, follow instructions and think before you use it (anything in the room).
    • Respect…everything: fellow classmates, the teacher, the facility, materials, equipment; treat it like you paid for it, because you will be paying for it if you break it due to misuse or irresponsibility.
    • Clean up messes: even if you did not make them! Be a community contributor-it is part of your grade.
    • Follow directions, participate positively, and follow student expectations.
    • Relax and enjoy it: nothing is perfect…especially art.
    • ASK 3 B4 ME: if you have a question you think I might have already covered - ask three neighbors before you ask me. This will keep me from realizing you were not paying attention!

    As a member of this class I will:  
    • Show respect to myself, others, and the classroom.
    • Be prepared and give my best effort.
    • Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching and anyone, myself included, from learning.

    If I choose to break the code of conduct, the result may be:
    • Change seats
    • Student/Teacher conference
    • Office referral
    • Other appropriate action

Policies & Procedures

  • Leaving the Classroom

    No student will leave the classroom without prior approval. Students will be given 3 Golden Hall Passes to be used during the course of the term. Use them only for emergencies! These are the only 3 you get! You should keep in a safe place like your folder with your Daily Charts. They should be completed when you need to use them and Mrs. Havenaar will approve before you can sign out and leave the room.

    Tardy Policy
    Tardiness is not acceptable. Student should be in their seats quiet, with their needed supplies when the bell rings. Attendance will be taken within the first 3 minutes of class while students are working on their Bell Ringers (which is part of their Weekly Work grade).

Course Assessment

  • Students will be assessed both formally and informally through observation, quizzes, hands-on lessons and projects. Students will work as individuals, in team settings and as an entire class. Daily participation in art activities will be vital to the students learning. Students will also have the opportunity to fulfill the district mission statement of being a Community Contributor in the art room and earn points daily by positively participating, helping others, assisting in clean up, etc. The following is a break-down of the grading system:

    40%      Participation/Weekly Work:
    Weekly assessments of students overall in-class participation and preparation: bell ringers, in-class lessons, class notes, assignments, free drawing, etc.
    • 10pts    Doodlebooks – all work complete for the week. GET AN ART NOTEBOOK AND FOLDER TO DO THE DAILY WORK AND GET CREDIT
    • Participation – work diligently daily to complete work; contribute to class discussions 
    50%      Projects

    Students will complete at least 4-5 individual projects during the 9/12 weeks. Students must turn in each project in order to receive a grade. Projects are graded out of 100 points based on the following:
    • 60 pts:   There are always 3 criteria for each project to meet. Some examples of this are requirements on materials used, techniques demonstrated, or creativity of expanding their ideas.
    • 20pts:    Craftsmanship – Is the project done to the best of the student's ability? Did they skillfully us the art tools and media? Did they follow the proper procedures or directions?
    • 20pts:    Effort – did the student take their time to develop their ideas and complete the project, did they use their class time well?
    10%      Community Contributor/Citizenship
    Students will be given the opportunity to continually earn points in the classroom by helping others, helping clean up in the classroom, and being a good community contributor/citizen

Class Supplies

  • Each class is designated to supply the art room with general supplies, and I thank you for your contributions! These really help in clean up and keeping our room more healthy for all of us!. The following is the class supply request:
    6th Grade

    1st/3rd Qtr. (9 Wks):     (1) hand gel/sanitizer

    2nd/4th Qtr. (9 Wks):    (1) box tissue/Kleenex

    7th and 8th Grade      

    1st /2nd /3rd Trimesters (12 Wks):    1 box handy baby wipes