Activities & Clubs at JJHS

  • Jefferson has a variety of activities and clubs.  During eLearning, many of them will be held virtually via Zoom.  See below for a listing of what's offered as well as contact information for the sponsors.  On the left navigation, click the link to go to the pages about the specific group.

Activity/Club Sponsor Phone Email
Chess & Game Club Chris Rester 848-5662
Diversity Club Danielle Brown 848-5452
Donate-Volunteer-Raise Service Club (DVR) Erin Rains 848-5696
Donate-Volunteer-Raise Service Club (DVR) Monica Hernandez 983-2147
Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Liza Palubicki 848-5661
Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) John Myers 848-5685
Jazz Band Chris Werve 420-6365
Jefferson Singers Matt Colbert 420-2957
Math Team Amy Gilbert 548-4765
Music Production Chris Werve 420-6365
Patriot Press Amanda Bert 848-5667
Patriot Press Chris Hefferman 848-5660
Positivity Club Katie Bora 548-4478
Positivity Club Jen Cabrera 328-5878
Positivity Club Kevin Harper 548-4536
Positivity Club Hannah Lepine 579-7066
Science Expo Christen Kane 848-5652
SciTech Club Rob Vanecek 848-5663
SciTech Club Blake Zinn 848-5355
Speech & Drama Club Jennifer Nekolny 848-5687
Spring Musical Matt Colbert 420-2957
String Fusion Patrick Gallagher 848-5642
Student Council Maribel Stiger 848-5694
Student Council Danielle Brown 848-5452
Yearbook Christine Warriner 420-2396