Athletics for 2023-2024

  • Jefferson has a proud tradition of sports dating back to 1971, one which we are excited to continue this year. Interscholastic sports are offered to all 7th and 8th grade boys and girls at Jefferson Junior High. Interscholastic sports take place outside of regular school hours and are in addition to the regular physical education program. Students are required to have a current sports physical examination on file at school before they can try-out or participate in a sport.


    • Fall: Flag Football (non-cut), Cross Country (non-cut), and Girls’ Volleyball 
    • Winter: Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Wrestling (non-cut), and Cheerleading
    • Spring: Track (non-cut)


    • Obtain a current Sports Physical (form online) and return it to the  Nurses’ Office. It is imperative that your child has a current Sports Physical on file prior to a try-out and/or participation in any sport.
    • A $50 athletic fee will be required for each sport your daughter/son participates in. This fee can be paid at the start of each season along with a signed permission slip. The signed permission slip and $50 athletic fee should be signed and returned to the Main Office or coach(es) directly.
    • Students involved in any sport must remain academically eligible to participate:
    • Athletic Eligibility: Student athletes must maintain passing grades in all classes in order to participate in any sporting event. Passing grades are considered letter grades above a F or 59%. Athletic Eligibility will run every other Wednesday of the season, notifying students if they are failing any of their classes. Athletes will be put on Probation or become Ineligible if a failing grade is noted. If on Probation, the athlete will receive a one-time warning and will still be able to practice/participate in athletic contests. Another evaluation will occur in two weeks to determine if grades have improved. If not, students will become Ineligible. If Ineligible, athletes will be able to practice, but unable to participate in athletic contests until the grade is improved.

    Please fill out this form the first time you attend a new sport this school year.



    Cross Country


    Flag Football




    Boys’ Basketball




    Girls’ Basketball


    Track and Field



    If you have questions, please contact the Athletic Director, John Bilaredello, via email: