Spring Musical

  • Jefferson students may audition for the spring musical that is presented in April.  Depending on the show, the cast can be anywhere from 50 to 100 students. Many shows can have larger casts if ensemble work is used. Although the ensemble role is a smaller role, it is also important to the overall sound. 
    Approximately 30 technical crew students are needed for each show with various duties such as stage manager, lights and sound board operators, set/scenery movers, prop managers, hair, makeup and costume helpers, ushers, and paint/set design crew.
    Mr. Colbert is the music and staging director.  He coordinates with all the other directors, actors and crew members to create a total vision for the show.  His primary job is to teach musical parts and stage blocking.  He also gives character advice to the actors. 
    An assistant director will be in charge of choreography.  This person's primary job is to choreograph all the solo and ensemble dance numbers.  Other duties also include collecting money and forms from cast and crew. 
    Mrs. Hernandez is the technical director.  She coordinates the technical side of the show which includes the makeup, costumes, and set design and painting.  She also assists with ticket distribution and house managing on the nights of the shows. Mrs. Kahl serves as technical assistant.
    Much is expected from the cast and crew of the spring musical.  Many hours are needed to put the show together, but the joy and entertainment they share with the audience is well worth the sacrifice one might make to be part of this amazing experience.
    The production for 2019 was "Annie, Jr."  It was a great show as is evidenced in the photo gallery below!