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Social Science

  • For information about the social science curriculum, please view the information below that is linked to the district website.
    Students interested in this subject should be sure to ask their teachers about the Geography Bee that takes place each year here at Jefferson. 


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  • Social Science Overview

    • K-12 Social Science Philosophy

      • The purpose of the Social Sciences curriculum is to provide an integrated study of the Social Sciences to prepare students to become responsible citizens. 
      • A viable K-12 Social Sciences program incorporates the five perspectives of Social Science identified in the Illinois Goals for Learning and the Academic Standards.
      • Five perspectives of Social Sciences (historical, economic, political, geographic and behavioral sciences) should be included in the curriculum at each grade level.  
      • The K-12 curriculum should build upon itself — expanding and broadening skills and concepts throughout the grades.  
      • The K-12 curriculum should organize information which will allow students to understand connections and to make multiple applications of this knowledge.


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