• The Literacy overview below is from the Curriculum and Instruction Department of District 203.  For a direct link to that site which includes more detailed information about content taught by grade level and trimester, click here.
    Upon occasion, students will work with our specialist to improve reading skills using a variety of research-based practices.  If you'd like information about Project Idea, click the link on the left navigation.


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  • Literacy Overview K-12


      Literacy Philosophy


      Literacy is the foundation of all learning and involves the ongoing process of developing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. To be fully literate in the 21st century, District 203 students must display a deep understanding and appreciation for a wide variety of genres, audiences, and modes of communication. Learning develops in a rigorous curriculum that conceives of literacy as a cross-curricular phenomenon, respecting the role each academic subject plays in forming students who are lifelong learners and able to participate in a variety of communities.
      District 203 students will acquire the necessary skills to analyze complex texts independently, write effectively and with purpose, speak professionally, and listen critically to others, while engaging in authentic, developmentally appropriate experiences.  Instruction is designed to promote higher-level thinking, questioning, and argumentation, with opportunities for analysis and reflection.  As students progress through the curriculum, they will master the skills needed to interpret diverse and multi-modal texts, evaluating information in order to draw conclusions and synthesize ideas.
      Every classroom will provide students with time to read, write, and speak about their thoughts and experiences in an atmosphere that supports collaboration, critical thinking, risk taking, and choice when appropriate. Students will apply their skills in a variety of settings and recognize the value of literacy beyond the classroom. Furthermore, they will understand the nuances of language and believe in the power of communication to inspire, persuade, and transform.   

      K-12 Yearlong Maps

      The yearlong maps show the standards that will be taught for each grade level, as well as the district assessments for each grade level.  Click the links below to look at the yearlong maps for each grade band.