Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

  • The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum promotes high-level, critical-thinking skills which students apply in life experiences that they face in their personal and extended family, career, and community.

    6th grade curriculum: hand sewing basics creating a felt project, interpersonal communication skills, career exploration, and culinary safety/sanitation basics.

    7th grade curriculum: students build upon skills learned in 6th grade. This curriculum includes lessons in apparel construction, basic sewing machine skills, nutrition, basic breakfast recipes, family relationships and consumerism.

    8th grade curriculum: students explore advanced fabric design by creating a sports bag, in culinary arts they are exposed to cultural similarities and differences through foods, we teach them financial literacy and managing money, and lastly they practice child care basics.
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Sample Projects

  • Gym Bags


    Duffle Bag


    Food Prep


    Clean up is a life skill!