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    Welcome! Home & School is an excellent way for you to become familiar with Naperville North. Being involved provides opportunities for you to get to know other parents and be present at select student activities. All of our meetings are open to any parent/guardian, and we invite you to attend. The following are our scheduled dates for the 2022-2023 school year:

Day Date Location Time Topic
Wednesday 9/14/2022 Rm 108 9:30am Meet our Administration & NEW Student Advocates
Wednesday 10/12/2022 Rm 108 9:30am School Links/College Info
Wednesday 11/9/2022 Rm 108 9:30am Curriculum & Alternative Opportunities
Wednesday 12/14/2022 Rm 108 11:30am Volunteer Luncheon
Wednesday 1/18/2023 Rm 108 9:30am Homeroom Review & Info
Wednesday 2/8/2023 Rm 108 9:30am Testing
Wednesday 3/8/2023 Rm 108 9:30am SEL Resources
Wednesday 4/12/2023 Rm 108 9:30am Student leadership - Top dawgs, Link, peer tutors, best buddies
Wednesday 5/3/2023 Rm 108 11:30am Volunteer Luncheon

Meeting Minutes