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    Student Registration

    Student Registration will be taking place on Aug. 12 (Freshman & Sophomores) and 13 (Juniors and Seniors) from 8am-2pm. Be on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer for this joyous event which will take place outdoors!

    Special Thanks

    Special thanks to our 2019-2020 NNHS Home and School Executive Board (VP - Diana McClaurin, Secretary - Aarthi Ramalingam and Treasurer - Deneen Robert) for their unwavering dedication, time and support! We are so appreciative of Aarthi Ramalingam’s years of leadership and service and are thrilled to welcome incoming Secretary, Marni Springer to our 2020-2021 Executive Board.

    We would also like to thank our 2019-2020 Home and School Board for your leadership, commitment and dependability! Our programs and events through Home & School have been a real success due to your efforts!

    • Blood Drive Chair: Cathy Gentile
    • Coffees with the Principal Co-Chairs: Debbie Crossett & Supriya Desai
    • Dance Co-Chairs: Laura Cialoni, Bill Itzenhuiser** & Naseem Siddique
    • Directory Chair: Tara Rester
    • EKG Screening Co-Chairs: Cathie Bucek** & Kristen Yoon
    • Family Connections Co-Chairs: Raquel Conwell, Patti Schlecht, & Donna Zirin**
    • Hospitality Co-Chairs: Raquel Conwell, & Donna Zirin
    • Mailings Co-Chairs: Carrie Meikle & Marni Springer
    • Nominations Chair: Kim Henderson
    • Publications Co-Chairs: Lourdes Chew & Amy Looi
    • School Store Co-Chairs: Kim Schneider** & Jaime Thompson
    • Senior Celebration Co-Chairs: Dee Dauber**, Kim Henderson & Kelly O-Malley
    • Staff Appreciation Co-Chairs: Pam Bierderman & Kelly O-Malley
    • Student Registration Co-Chairs: Jinny Kim, Nicole Rorke & Anupama Vijay
    • Teacher Breakfast Co-Chairs: Gail Michael & Rita Woker
    • Tours Chair: Diana McClaurin
    • Vision and Hearing Screening Chair: Nancy Matambo

    **We are so appreciative of these parents who have served many years as a leader on our Home & School Board. We wish them well as they move on to other endeavors following their student’s graduation.

    We are so fortunate to have a good majority of our Board members continue with their current positions and are thrilled to welcome the following new members to our 2020-2021 Board:

    • Dance Co-Chairs: Laura Hirsch & Donna Marassa
    • EKG Co-Chairs: Lourdes Chew & Amy Looi
    • Family Connections Co-Chair: Caitlin Denker
    • Hospitality Co-Chairs: Lauren Richardson & Christie Roos
    • Mailings Co-Chair & School Store Co-Chair: Heather Field
    • Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Denise Leskis-Petty

    Thank You, Volunteers!

    Our Committees and volunteers have been busy!

    Thank you to the Mailing Chairs Carrie Meikle and Deneen Robert and the many parents that helped them collate the Senior Mailing and distribute Cap and Gowns to the Class of 2019.

    Thank you to Cathy Gentile and the Blood Drive volunteers for coordinating the many students and adults that donated blood.

    Thank you to Dance Chairs Toya O’Connor and Bill Iztenhuiser, and the many volunteers that made the Las Vegas Night Spring dance a great success. Thank you to the many families that donated water and snacks to keep the students dancing through the evening.

    Thank you to Senior Celebration Chairs Dee Dauber, Melanie Greenberg and Liz Levitt, and the hundreds of parents that put in thousands of hours to make the Nintendo-themed Senior Celebration a night to remember for the Class of 2019!

    Thank you to our Family Connection Chairs Patti Schlecht, Donna Zirin and Raquel Conwell for providing our Seniors in need with an opportunity to participate in the Class of 2019 celebrations.

    Thank you to our Historian, Angie Gardner for documenting the many accomplishments of the Naperville North students.

    Thank you to our Hospitality Chairs Donna Zirin and Raquel Conwell for keeping our cabinet stocked with supplies to keep our other committees running smoothly.

    Thank you to our Nominations Chair, Kim Henderson, for filling Executive board and Committee Chair positions for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Thank you to our School Store Chairs Jaime Thompson and Kim Schneider and the many volunteers that staff the School Store every morning and lunchtime so the students can purchase supplies and spirit wear when needed.

    Thank you to our Staff Appreciation Chairs Wendy Adcock and Jill Martin for making sure the staff at Naperville North feel appreciated for their dedication to the students.

    Thank you to our Tours chair, Diana McClaurin and the tour guides who warmly welcome prospective families to Naperville North.

    Thank you to the Coffees with the Principal Chairs Debbie Crossett and Supriya Desai for welcoming parents of incoming Freshmen parents to Naperville North.

    Teacher Breakfasts

    Thank you to Christine Simonson, Rita Woker and the volunteers that served breakfast to the staff during conferences. These volunteers provided the staff with a delicious pancake breakfast to start off their day.