Foreign Exchange Student Information

  • Students interested in attending Naperville Community Unit 203 High Schools as a Foreign Exchange student must follow the guidelines listed below:

    1. Complete an application and designate a host family in cooperation with an accredited foreign exchange student agency

    2. The application must be submitted by the foreign exchange agency on or before May 1st of the year of attendance

    3. The host family must have an established residence in District 203

    Once applications are received, they will be reviewed by both the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and the High School ELL Coordinator.  Potential Foreign Exchange Students must be fluent in English and commit to attend the receiving high school for the entire school year.

    Until the student is accepted, all communication will occur through the high school and the foreign exchange agency. 

    Each high school will accept up to three (3) foreign exchange students per year.

    Foreign exchange students will not receive a Naperville 203 diploma upon completion of their year at the school. 

    For further information, please contact Kira Mocon at Naperville North High School or Steve Jeretina at Naperville Central High School.