All schools in Naperville School District 203 have a uniform procedure for reporting absences and have two methods to make that request.  


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    CALL-IN PROCEDURE: All calls to report student absence go to 630-420-6982. This number records messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    A parent or guardian must call 630-420-6982 before 11 AM. Please provide this information: the student's name, grade and ID number, the date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the caller's relationship to the student.



    A parent or guardian must call 630-420-6982. Please provide this information: the student's name, grade and ID number, the caller's relationship to student, the date of the late arrival or early dismissal, the time the student will arrive or must leave, and, if the student is leaving for an appointment, the time the student will return to school.

    To leave school early, a student will need to pick up a dismissal pass from the front desk

    which is located at the main entrance. The student must sign out. If the student is returning to school they must have their dismissal pass and sign in. 



    Parents, guardians or those having legal custody have the responsibility for their student's regular school attendance; therefore, they are the only people who may call the school to report absences, regardless of a student's age.



    Pre-Planned absences represent an attempt by the Board of Education and the high school to accommodate special and unique needs for approved student absences from school.

    Pre-planned absences for three (3) or more consecutive school days must be arranged with the office of the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. Students will be provided a Pre-Planned Absence Form to complete with the help of their teachers to document missing work and due dates for making up work. The signed form, along with parent confirmation, will need to be turned in to the office of the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction prior to the absence. Students may be required to turn in assignments or take assessments prior to the absence.

    Note: While these absences may be “pre-approved,” they will not necessarily be excused if the student is over the attendance cap. Additionally, students over the attendance cap will not be allowed to submit work missed during their unexcused absence. Please refer to the administrative regulation for Policy 7.70 (Attendance and Truancy) in the School Board Policies section of this handbook.

    Students who are absent for fifteen (15) or more consecutive days due to non-health related reasons may be dropped from their classes. If the student returns, he/she and their parents will need to register at the District Office.



    If an absence for one of the following reasons is called in on time, the absence is classified as "authorized" and the student is entitled to the privilege of making up missed classwork.

    Illness and /or doctor's appointments;

    Death in the immediate family;

    Family emergency and/or parental request due to circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the parent for the safety and health of the student;

    Observance of a religious holiday;

    In-school suspensions;

    Field trips;

    Nurse appointments for an entire period;


    Guidance appointments;

    Administrative reasons;

    Pre-planned absence beyond the control of the student as determined by the administration;

    College visit (please contact the Attendance Office at least 5 school days prior to leaving for a college visit).



    Only those absences called-in before 11:00 a.m. on the date of the absence will be classified as "authorized" absences. If an absence is not authorized, then the student will be considered truant for that day.   Students are not entitled to make up class work missed when they are truant. 



    Vacations are not considered a valid reason for student absence. While the District administration considers family time important, we strongly encourage families to schedule vacations around the school calendar.



    It is the responsibility of students to make contact with their teachers to make up work due to absences, pre-planned absences, or field trips. Truant absences have no make-up privileges.

    Authorized absences have full make-up privileges. Field trips are not considered absences at all. Students may be required to turn in homework prior to field trip. Pre-planned absences have full make-up privileges but students must complete the work within the same number of days, as the absence. Out-of-school suspensions allow for major tests and assignments

    to be made up.



    Academic achievement is affected by absences. Therefore, we encourage students to be absent as infrequently as possible. However, students may be absent ten times before they are declared "truant" due to excessive absence. Once a student reaches the cap, the student will not be allowed to make up any work from absences they accumulate after they reach this "cap." This applies even if a parent or guardian calls them in. A note from a doctor may be required for the student to not be classified as truant. When a student is classified as "excessively absent" teachers and administrators will follow a collaborative, sequential process to address the problem (please see the "Parent Survival Guide" (p 31) on the NNHS website for details on this process)). 



    The school has the right to require a student to bring documentation to verify the authenticity of an absence. The requested documentation should be brought to the attendance office upon the student's return to school.