Jobs & Opportunities

  • District 203 students are fortunate to have a multitude of opportunities available at their disposal. One such opportunity is the Opportunities section within SchooLinks. Students can find part-time employment, summer enrichment programs & camps, volunteer opportunities, and more.

    ** If you are specifically looking for a volunteer opportunity, Giving DuPage is a great place to start. **

    To find opportunities & employment on SchooLinks, follow the steps below.

    1. Log-in to SchooLinks
    2. Click on Careers on the left
    3. Choose Opportunities
    4. Select Opportunity Type (see type descriptions below)
    5. Click on Source and select Naperville School District 203 (for opportunities received & posted by a District employee)
    6. Click View Opportunity for more information

    Opportunity Types

    • Long Term Employment: year round paid positions
    • Short Term / Contract Employment AND Short Term Employment: seasonal paid positions
    • Summer Program: various summer opportunities (enrichment; unpaid programs; camps)
      • NOTE: Unselect Opportunities Near Me (top left) to see ALL summer programs
    • Internship: internship experiences  
    • Apprenticeship: apprenticeship experiences  
    • Volunteer: volunteer experiences


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