Welcome to Kindergarten

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    Conferences were amazing! It was such a pleasure to have an opportunity to celebrate your child’s academic accomplishments with you. We have had several conversations about how fortunate we are to have such supportive Parents-many thanks!

    Our kindergarteners have been working on understanding what “quality work” looks like. Using that language with our students brings about a smile, as well as moments of confidence building.

    This month we will continue our reading focus on fiction and narrative writing. We make positive comments about the students writing as well as helpful suggestions reminding them to start their sentence with an uppercase letter, use finger spaces, and always remember to put an ending mark at the end of their sentence.

    In math, we continue to work on the partners of five, number identification, writing our numbers, and enjoying number talk. Listening to the students talk about their math thinking is very enlightening for the teacher and fellow students.

  • As we begin to prepare for the changing temperatures, please help us by writing your child’s name in their outerwear – coats, mittens, boots, etc. The lost and found fills up quickly in the winter and labeling will be a huge help! Our kindergarteners are anxious to see the first snowflakes fall!