Welcome to First Grade

  • As first graders close out Trimester 2, they will enjoy reading and exploring the world of fiction. Specifically, they will be enjoying the genres of realistic fiction, fantasy fiction, traditional tales and fables. Students will compare nonfiction to fiction and learn the purpose of the fictional stories we read.

    Our first graders have finished their practice of writing teaching books. The focus has now moved to opinion writing. First graders will develop the skill of stating opinions and providing lots of reasons to support their opinions. They will then use this skill when writing about favorite things and when writing reviews of restaurants, books, toys, movies and so much more. Writing is certainly going to be fun and entertaining as we know that first graders have LOTS of opinions.

    In science first grade studied sound. We discovered how vibrations make sounds and experimented with a variety of ways to create sound. Our next focus will be the relationship between animals and how the outer parts of an animal help them adapt to their habitat.

    We continue to work on SEL and recognizing the feelings of others and showing kindness! First grade also shared kindness by singing to the residents of Sunrise Senior Living!

    ~The First Grade Team