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5th Grade Archery Club
Meets Monday through Friday
Starts March 6th and Ends on April 7th
7:30a.m. - 8:00a.m.

Students may attend Archery Club all of the days if they desire.  I understand completely if students do not attend all sessions. Archery Club will focus on target archery. Archery is a lifetime skill and is safe, wholesome, and non-controversial.

The program is designed to give students in 5th grade an opportunity to practice archery skills safely with friends. Learning a lifetime skill at an early age will give the individual the ability to choose whether to continue target shooting or try other venues i.e. Olympic archery. Archery is a powerful inner wealth building skill. It caters to all people especially the niche of students who do not identify with team sports. Archery has nothing to do with strength or athletic ability. It teaches independence, motor planning, movement concepts, social and personal responsibility, communication, cooperation, respect for rules and regulation and fulfilling commitments to others and oneself just to name a few. 

5th Grade Archery Club and Conduct Policy
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     Conduct Policy

Notice: All students participating in Archery Club will be held accountable for following all rules listed below at all times in order to secure a safe environment for all involved.

  • Follow all P.E. rules at all times.
  • Follow directions first time given
  • Respect others and equipment at all times
  • Always try your best
  • No yelling in the gym
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • No inappropriate language
  • Be a good sport
  • Maintain appropriate behavior while in hallways before and after Archery Club
  • Any student violating any of the above rules can be suspended from attending Archery Club for up to four sessions.

Any student violating any of the above rules resulting in an unsafe or dangerous environment for others will be asked not return to Archery Club for the remainder of the session. NO EXCEPTIONS

I, the parent of___________________ give consent for my son/daughter to attend the Archery Club program at Prairie Elementary School. I am aware of the nature of the activity and give him//her my full consent to participate. During the time of the activity I can be reached at _____________________.

Are there medications or medical conditions that the supervising person should be aware of? _______________
If yes please explain on the back of this form:
By signing below you as the parent and your child have read the conduct policy fully, understand it and agree to it, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

Parent Signature: ____________________________ Date: ______________________

Child’s Signature: ____________________________ Date:_______________________