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    We are having so many good “thymes” in the Garden this year! We had a great season with lots of help from our wonderful ‘adopt-the-garden’ families, thank you so much to all those who volunteered over the Summer to water, weed and harvest. We appreciate your support so much. Here are a few of the successes we wanted to share this past year:


    * We were able to run a Spring 2021 Garden Club safely this year for two groups of 14 kiddos - all the kids were curious and hard-working and it is so wonderful to see their beds come to life.


    * We planted a sunflower forest again and it is doing well.


    * We tested some new fruit and veggies in the garden this year; potatoes, cantaloupe, new varieties of peppers and zucchini to name a few.


    * We installed a full garden irrigation system that allows us to simply connect the hose and all beds are watered simultaneously - this has been a game changer!


    Registration for Fall 2021 Garden Club season is currently full but we will plan another Garden Club in the Spring for 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders who have not yet had a chance to participate. During Fall Garden Club we'll harvest and eat summer vegetables, plant fall crops, prep the Garden for winter and so much more. Here are some recent pictures from Garden Club.


    We have SO MUCH produce in the Garden so we plan to start leaving buckets of leftover produce outside the fence a couple of times per week AND on Saturday AM (by 10am), please bring a bag and help yourself :) A couple of tips:


    * Wrap herbs in paper towels and refrigerate to keep fresher longer.


    * Green tomatoes can either be used for fried green tomatoes OR can ripen by placing them on a sunny windowsill or in a brown paper bag.


    In the meantime, please stop by anytime you see us in the Garden and want a tour, some veggies or want to just talk about gardening. We are usually there watering/weeding after school or during the morning on weekends. Text or call Jenny Bouchier-Hayes at 847.732.4502 with any questions.


    Jenny Bouchier-Hayes & Sarah Sommer (Co-Chairs)

    Garden Club Committee