Garden Club

  • Prairie Garden Club

    What is Adopt-the-Garden?
    This is how we make sure the Prairie Garden doesn’t shrivel up and die during the summer break. Families from the Prairie community can sign up to take care of the Garden for one week and in return take home the fresh vegetables and herbs they harvested. Everything growing in the Garden was planted by Garden Club students.

    How does it work?
    Participants choose a week in June, July or August where they commit to visiting the garden at least three times to water, weed and harvest the garden beds. Some of the weeks during peak harvest will require two families. No experience necessary. All instructions, tools and equipment are provided.

    Why participate?
    The Prairie Garden provides garden-based learning opportunities to Prairie students during the spring and fall. When you adopt the Garden for a week you’re making sure the vegetables and herbs planted by the Garden Club thrive during the growing season. And you get to take home the fresh produce you harvested!


    More Garden Club information will be coming soon!

    Garden at Prairie July 2019