•  Prairie’s Learning Commons and our NEF Grant

    Naperville School District 203 has been working and collaborating with staff to enhance the learning for our students in the library. This year we officially become a Learning Commons where students drive the learning experience through engaging in opportunities for inquiry and research, innovation and creation, communication and collaboration, and activities that promote lifelong growth in literacy. One example of how this is done is the STEAM class that your child (grades 1-5) attends with Mrs. Sprague.

    During STEAM the student chooses an activity, or is sometimes given a challenge with a group, to create a project. Through the process of creation they are using problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration
    and scientific principles to find solution in order to create a product. NEF and the Donald G. Schroeter Memorial Fund awarded Mimi Sprague a STEM grant for this school year. Through this grant, 20 kits were purchased, along with books, so classes can come to the Learning Commons with their teachers for an extra
    STEAM time when their schedule permits.

    This grant supports 
    the four pillars of the Learning Commons

    • Inquiry and Research
    • Innovation and Creation
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Literacy Growth 

    The kit topics include electricity, magnetism, 
    simple tools and coding

  • 4 Pillars of the
    Learning Commons

          Pillar Clipart

    * Inquiry and Research
    * Innovation and Creation
    * Literacy Growth
    * Communication and