STEAM with Mrs. Sprague

Image result for scratchDecember was a busy month for our students with coding. The 3rd through 5th graders learned how to code either a game or a soundboard in SCRATCH.

Our second graders learned about coding using the apps Box Island and Cubelets. This coding knowledge will help them in Image result for cubeletsJanuary when they discover the newest STEAM tool, SPHERO SPRK+. This tool allows the children to make a maze (using the Keva Planks or other materials) and then code the Sphero ball to go through it. It does many other fun things as well in order to teach the students how fun coding can be.

January brings us the opportunity to make things out of cardboard  tubes, straws, cups, cubes, yarn, cards, beads, and anything else that I can find. It is the students chance to explore their creativity and find ways to make a variety of things out of the material they find. If you have anything at home that you do not use anymore that you think may be of use to us please have your child bring it to me in the LRC. Any donation is appreciated.