Throughout the summer, your child/children will have many opportunities to learn and grow in different ways.  You might have opportunities to expand their understanding of art, as well.  Some ideas include taking a few trips to the local library to check out various art books, visiting an art museum, creating artwork from various surplus materials in your home, exploring interactive art related web sites and taking special art classes or camps offered through your local park district or other community programs.


For several years now, many families in our school community have helped others in need by sharing students’ gently used school supplies at the end of the school year.  Mrs. Anderson, art teacher and Mrs. Harle, teacher assistant, would like to extend a giant “THANK YOU” to everyone for supporting this special project each year and especially to our student council members for helping to pack up the supplies after school in late May. This year, the majority of the supplies will be donated to schools in need in the Chicago land area.

A Closer Look at Your Child's Art Portfolio:

Many of you already know that the majority of your child’s artwork has been kept here at Prairie throughout the school year.  Later in the month of May (for students in kindergarten through fifth grades), your child will create and assemble a portfolio as a collection of his/her artwork from this school year.  Many students will have opportunities to reflect on previous lessons, observe personal growth, and make decisions related to aesthetics during our final art lessons.  I hope you will have an opportunity to have a discussion with your student while looking through their art portfolio.  You may want to ask about their ideas, the materials used, and what they learned from each art experience.  Many students will want to tell you about a particular artist or culture that served as inspiration for the lesson.   Enjoy!