AMAZING ART:  Art Education is about our visual culture.  It helps students build the confidence to use their senses, knowledge and feelings to find meaning in their environment as well as in works of art.  These aesthetic experiences improve the quality of their lives.  The study of art in basic education enables all students to respond and react to visual aspects of the world.

    AMAZING ART DISPLAYS:  District 203 K-12 student artworks were featured at Naperville City Hall during several weeks in March, Youth Art Month.  Ninety-three Prairie student artworks were showcased in this special annual art display and three Prairie student artworks were showcased at the district administration center (PSAC).  In the coming weeks this spring, look for special art displays at Prairie that highlight artwork created by former Prairie student artists who are current Washington JR High School and Naperville North High School students. 

    AMAZING ART for 20 2nd & 3rd GRADERS:  Mrs. Anderson will be hosting a new Impact ART! Club this spring.  Interested students will meet with her after school on Tuesdays to create art for others.  Our artwork will make a positive impact on our school community and beyond!

    A CLOSER LOOK AT FIFTH GRADE ART:  During late winter and early spring, fifth grade students have been exploring the art form of illustration. Students enjoyed viewing a book titled What A Wonderful World based on the song written by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele and What a Wonderful World Clipart illustrated beautifully by Ashley Bryan.  We discussed how the artist created many illustrations that portray a sense of unity and work well together.  The artist was very successful because he repeated colors, shapes, symbols and themes from one page to the next.  After carefully analyzing this fantastic model, students began to visualize images or create pictures in their minds to represent how they interpreted various phrases from a specific song.  Students also created small “thumbnail” sketches of their ideas as a way to brainstorm in pictures.  Many of these ideas were captured beautifully in larger oil pastel drawings that will be incorporated into a collaborative project.  These works will be presented as PowerPoint programs at our annual Fifth Grade Fine Arts Program in April.  We hope you will enjoy their delightful drawings.