Students colored rocks with positive words & pictures at our annual Fall Social as part of the Kindness Rocks Naperville Community Project.

    Patriotic Clipart  Student Council members are helping Mrs. Anderson to design and color a banner to honor our Veterans as well as active service men & women.

     K-5 students created “Beautiful Oops!” artwork with Mrs. A or Mrs. Sprague to celebrate our visiting author and illustrator Barney Saltzburg.


    Kindergarten students have been exploring many art concepts since the beginning of the school year.  Students are learning about some of the elements of art, including lines, shapes, colors, forms and textures.  For our first lessons, students created drawings inspired by a book titled ART by Patrick McDonnell.  The book is based on a delightful character named Art who loves to create Art.  After we read the story, students used different lines, circles, a spiral line and drawings where he/she combined lines, shapes, and chosen colors to create a boy (Art), house, tree and dog… as time allowed. 

    Students learned how to be creative problem solvers by coloring special subjects on an Oops! paper after reading the book, Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg.  After creating a handprint inside of a heart shape as a way to remember our art room theme: Put Your Heart into Art, students learned about different kinds of lines and identified them in a famous seascape by Paul Klee.  This inspired students to draw white wavy lines using oil pastels, and paint a wash of water and drops of blue and violet paint to create their very own seascapes. 

    Students were very engaged during the following art lesson, where they learned about shapes including shapes of fish observed in famous artwork.  Students learned to draw, cut out and glue one or more fish shapes to their seascape to create a collage.  Many students added more details to their compositions by drawing eyes, fins, scales, bubbles, short motions lines, and underwater plants.  In early October, they also learned about 3-D forms, and discovered both similarities and differences when observing and comparing a 2-D drawing of a pumpkin shape with a 3-D soft sculpture of a pumpkin form.  Afterwards, each student followed several steps to create his/her very own soft sculpture pumpkin form.  The most recent art lessons feature the element of texture.