Welcome to 4th Grade

    • Trimester 2 has consisted of studying many exciting phenomenons in Science! Students have explored the transfer of energy and information, including an exploratory unit with Lego EV3 rovers to discover how devices can receive and decode Trimester 3 studies will focus upon waves and various earth features.

    • In Math, students have spent Trimester 2 studying division with whole numbers, equations and word problems, and fraction concepts and Looking ahead to Trimester 3, students will study fractions and decimals, measurement, and geometry. Students should continue to practice their multiplication and division facts to enhance their overall fact fluency.

    • Students have spent Trimester 2 studying the wonderful world of fiction in Reading! We have been busy referring to details and examples when making inferences, determining a theme of a story, and comparing and contrasting similar themes and We have begun our study of non-fiction and will continue this into next trimester. Students will focus upon determining the main idea of a non-fiction text, summarizing a non-fiction text, describing the overall structure of a nonfiction text, as well as integrating information from two texts on the same topic in order to write and speak about a topic.

    • In Social Science, students have continued to use the 5 Themes of Geography to study the state of Illinois and the In Trimester 3, students will study the Southwest and West regions, including the Oregon Trail!

    • In Writing, students completed their narrative writing piece in Trimester 2, focusing upon the “Arc of a Story” and studying the various “scenes” that make up a fiction Additionally, we have recently been immersed in the unit of Literary Essay, challenging students to read complex texts, discuss their understandings, create a thesis statement relating to a new idea they had about the text, and supporting that thesis with evidence and reasoning. In Trimester 3, students will begin their Informational Writing unit, focusing upon drawing evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. Students will choose their own topics to research, as well as participate in an informational piece on The Great Chicago Fire.

      We are looking forward to another great trimester with our amazing students! Thank you, parents, for your continued support. It is so greatly appreciated!


    ~The Fourth Grade Team