Welcome to 3rd Grade

  • In Writing, students completed informational books. They chose topics they felt they were experts on and taught their readers what they knew. Students focused on the text features that non-fiction authors use and the need to keep one’s audience in mind while writing.

    During 2nd trimester, we finished up our fiction unit with Book Clubs. Students read independently and prepared to discuss with their small groups. In our non-fiction reading unit, students were able to identify text features, determine the main idea of text using key ideas, and find the meanings of words. They used text evidence to ask and answer questions about a text.

    In Math, 3rd graders learned how to measure to the nearest ¼ inch. They practiced telling time and adding and subtracting time. Students also created bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs using data and answered questions based on the information the graphs provided. Fractions were a big part of our trimester. Third graders learned that fractions must be equal parts of the same whole. They built fractions from unit fractions and learned how to represent fractions using fraction bars, number lines, and fraction strips. Students practiced comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions.

    ~ The Third Grade Team