Welcome To Second Grade

  • This last semester has been full of learning and exploring!


    • Math – students were introduced to 3-digit addition and subtraction as well as working with word problems with more complex We also explored money and measuring.

    • Literacy - children were exposed to many types of fi tion text, practiced asking and answering questions, and identifying the central message through accurate retelling of key ideas.

    • Writing – students shared their opinions of books, authors, and other topics through letter writing.

    • Science – classes explored slow and quick changes to Earth and where different kinds of water can be found.

    • Social Studies – students compared and contrasted Naperville when it was founded and today.

    • Social Emotional Learning – classes focused on expected/not expected behaviors, naming others’ feelings, self-management, social awareness, etc.

    • Word Work – classes focused on non-negotiable lessons that include diphthongs, welded sounds, and vowel teams.


    ~The Second Grade Team