• The Griffins Team

    The Griffins Team integrates academically talented students in eighth grade, working to provide educational experiences intended to allow growth academically and affectively. While supporting the District 203 Mission Statement, we use pacing (accelerated instruction and minimal repetition) and in-depth study (advanced content and a high degree of complexity and abstraction) to meet the needs of our students (Kingore, 2008).  


    Our Mission

    To provide an integrated curriculum that addresses the needs of academically gifted students in 8th grade including:

    1. Academic challenges with students as partners in planning and assessment,
    2. Social opportunities with academic and grade-level peers,
    3. Emotional support to enhance positive self-esteem and self-awareness,
    4. Authentic experiences and collaboration with the larger community.


    Our Belief Statements

    1. Each individual has unique and exceptional talents.
    2. Challenges are met through persistent effort.
    3. The exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience is essential to success.


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