• Orchestra Director Bio

    Meghan Razzini has taught orchestra at Kennedy Junior High and Meadow Glens Elementary since 2021. She earned her undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in Music Education. Ms. Razzini also has experience teaching orchestra at the high school level, as well as K-5 general music. She loves being part of students’ development and helping them realize their full potential as both a musician and an individual.

    Outside of teaching, Ms. Razzini is a violist in the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra and collaborates with various chamber ensembles. She is also certified in Paul Rolland string pedagogy. Some of her favorite musical memories include touring China as a high school student, performing at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, and assistant-directing a virtual performance of Concerto in F for extended range viola by Rudolf Haken.


    Mondays and Wednesdays- Meadow Glens Elementary School
    Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays- Kennedy Junior High

  • Kennedy Orchestra Ensembles


    6th Grade Orchestra

    6th Grade Orchestra is designed to transition incoming 6th graders into a larger performance ensemble. Students will learn the basic skills needed to perform in an orchestral ensemble and focus on executing proper playing techniques while strengthening their sight-reading skills. Members are required to attend all rehearsals, lessons, and performances.  Rehearsals take place twice a week during supervised study.

    Rehearsal Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays- 9th period.


    7th Grade Orchestra

    7th Grade Orchestra is designed to introduce students to a variety of genres of music while teaching them how to execute different playing styles in orchestra. Rehearsals are during supervised study twice a week. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals, lessons, and performances.
    Rehearsal schedule: Tuesday and Thursday – 8th period


    8th Grade Orchestra

    8th grade Orchestra students are expected to incorporate a culmination of all the skills they have acquired in 6th and 7th grade. 8th Grade Orchestra students perform literature from all periods and from a variety of genres. Kennedy orchestra members are expected to independently prepare technical aspects of literature prior to rehearsing together in a large group setting. Rehearsals take place twice a week during supervised study.

    Rehearsal schedule: Tuesday and Thursday- 4th period