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  • Why I Love Teaching Middle School Art:

    I get to participate in the stunning growth of artists as they progress from sixth grade into eighth grade.  It is a dramatic time for developmental growth.  Other middle school art teachers agree that by eighth grade, students are able to come up with ideas that are extremely complicated and understand artwork that is not as literal.  Most of all, I honestly enjoy the energy and collaboration of this age group. 

    Students who are in middle school art are often getting their first opportunity to have art daily for any period of time.  Having art daily helps me teach students the fundamentals of art as well as set up a classroom work environment. 

    It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that while they are in art class, they are able to express ideas in a supportive environment. My goal is that by the end of eighth grade, all students have a strong knowledge of the elements of art and can apply them well enough to succeed in the variety of high school art classes available. 

    Art Media Used During Middle School Includes:

    clay, pastels, paints, charcoal, canvas, magazines, construction paper, ink,  and digital resources

    Grade Level Art Focus:

    6th Grade: Art as Communication

    7th Grade: Cultural Art

    8th Grade: Modern Art

    All grade levels use a variety of materials, learn about artists through projects, work on displaying the elements of art, and make choices about their artwork.

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