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    Posted by Dr. Murray on 8/14/2019

    Kennedy Families,

    With the first day of school tomorrow, this message will kick off our school’s regular communication through Talk 203.  Our weekly messages are typically not this long, but there is enough back to school information you should be aware of to help your family be ready for the school year. Please pay very close attention to the directions on pick-up and drop-off procedures as safety is our top priority.

    Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures for Kennedy Jr. High

    From Cindy McKay, School Resource Officer and Stephanie Aspan, A.M. Safety Director

    Welcome Kennedy families!  We are offering the following as our drop-off procedures for the 2018-2019 school year. Please take a moment to read them before you drop your child off in front of the school.  Safety is our priority.

    Use the Circle Drive for Drop-Off

    Kennedy Junior High is designed with circle drive that is used for drop-off.  This is separate from the parking lot.  The drop off lane in front of Kennedy Junior High flows one-way (east to west). Upon entering the lot, you will notice that the entrance was designed to accommodate two lanes of traffic. This was done to help relieve congestion/back-ups on Green Trails Drive. Once inside the entrance, the two lanes merge into one along the front of the school.

    Pull Forward: Drop-Off Utilizes the Entire Length of the School

    Once you arrive in front of the school, we ask that you resist the temptation to stop in front of the main doors. Instead, pull forward as far as possible or until you reach the sign that reads, “Student Drop-Off Starts Here”.  Stopping in front of the school when there is room to pull forward will cause needless backups since precious curb space in front of you will be wasted at the time of day when there is most demand for it. This has a residual effect that causes backups that remain long after you leave and will extend all the way to Green Trails Drive. When this happens, it will hinder your exit time because traffic cannot flow freely out of the school while Green Trails Drive is gridlocked.

    Left Lane is for Drop-Off; Right Lane is for Exiting

    Pick-up and drop-off is to be done in the left lane (closest to the building) only.  After dropping your child off, pull into the right lane when it is safe to do so, and exit the lot. If motorists cooperate, a full line of cars (15-25 vehicles) will be able to pull forward, drop off their children, and exit the lot while the next line of cars will advance forward to do the same. When this becomes a daily habit, it works very well.  Unfortunately it takes only one driver to disrupt an otherwise smooth process. If the car in front of you drops their child outside the designated drop-off area, do not follow their example. Simply go around them and pull up as far as you can or wait until they leave. Last year most of the extended wait times were caused by motorists not following these simple instructions.

    The Parking Lot is for Parking & Entering the Building

    Generally speaking, the parking lot is not to be used as a drop off area.  This is unsafe. We recognize there are special circumstances when a student needs to be dropped off closer to the front door. In these instances (injuries, crutches, illnesses, etc.) feel free to use the parking lot to drop off your child and assist them into the building if necessary.  If you need to enter the building, then use the parking lot.

    Be Alert

    We have only two goals while directing traffic in front of the school; the safety of your children, and keeping your morning wait time to a minimum. You will find that if everyone uses the drop-off area appropriately, you will reduce your time spent waiting in line. Please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists. Cell phone use in school zones is illegal and citations will continue to be written if cell phone activity is observed.  Additionally, please be alert for staff personnel who are directing traffic and ensuring safe procedures.


    We send out messages weekly on Wednesdays through Talk 203.  In addition, please check our Kennedy webpage for information at any time.  The Kennedy Home and School Association has a Facebook page, and you can also follow school news on Twitter @KJHSEagles.

    Important Phone Numbers

    For direct connection, please use these numbers:

    Attendance Line 630-848-5636 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report a student absence, early dismissal or late arrival

    Health Office 630-420-3231

    Main Office 630-420-3230

    School Photos

    School photos will be taken on Friday, August 16th in Physical Education classes.


    Fall sports for 7th and 8th-grade students begin next week.  Students interested in participating should have a current physical on file in the health office.

    Performance Music

    Band/Chorus/Orchestra students will begin meeting next week. The first two days of school are filled with helping students navigate schedules and procedures.  

    Band and orchestra students will not need their instruments until next week.  Ms. Tyus and Mr. McManis will be communicating via email through Infinite Campus to confirm when instruments will be needed at each grade level.  We recommend parents and students take the time to:

    • Label instrument cases with their first and last name.  If it is a district-owned instrument, please do not label it. Mr. McManis and Ms. Tyus will do so for these instruments.             
    • Parents should be sure to write down the make, model, and serial number of their child’s instrument.  Having this information helps in tracking down an instrument in the unlikely event that one is misplaced.
    • Upon meeting with their directors, band and orchestra students will be assigned a specific location within the band and orchestra rooms to store their instruments where they will remain throughout the school day.            

    Students are encouraged to listen to the morning announcements and to check the bulletin boards outside of the band/chorus/orchestra rooms (146, 147, & 148) for any information they may have missed during morning announcements.


    Our 2018-2019 intramural schedule is posted at this link.  In addition, event sponsors will announce to students at school as new activities begin.

    School Supplies

    Please have your student bring all of their 3 kleenex boxes to their first period teacher. 7th graders can bring their hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or zip lock bags to their first period teachers as well. Thank you!


    6th grade students will be issued their Chromebooks on Friday, August 16th.  In addition, all students will change their login passwords on this date.

    Curriculum Night

    Curriculum Night is Tuesday, September 3rd, from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  

    Home and School

    Mark your calendars for our first Home and School Meeting on Tuesday, September 17th.


    Our Kennedy staff is excited to see our students tomorrow and we look forward to a great year.

    Dr. Murray


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Strategic Blueprint

  • District 203’s FOCUS 2020 Strategic Blueprint

    Posted by Superintendent Dan Bridges on 6/27/2014
    FOCUS 2020 is the strategic plan for comprehensive improvement between 2014 and 2020, designed in response to community feedback, best practice, and a vision for the future. Ultimately, this blueprint will advance the fulfillment of the district’s mission.
    FOCUS 2020’s foundation is the Future Focus Community Engagement process that occurred over the course of a year where hundreds of members from across the community provided feedback to the district leadership regarding areas such as facilities, finances, measuring student success, and programs of study. Learn more about Future Focus by clicking on the specific “Quick Link” to the left of this text.
    The Blueprint includes four “Strategic Focus” areas, namely to:
    1. Design and implement effective practices that promote learning experiences for all.
    2. Foster a high-performance culture focused on student learning.
    3. Steward resources effectively to promote student learning.
    4. Effective communication and community relations.
    Each Strategic Focus then establishes “Commitments.” These commitments are what the district leadership pledges to accomplish within a distinct timeframe. Each commitment then includes a detailed “Action Plan” which will be accessible by the public upon final draft.
    District administrators provided an update on Blueprint Commitments to the Board of Education at the July 27, 2015 meeting.  To watch that presentation, please click here
    Click here for a summary version of the 4 areas of focus of the Strategic Blueprint.
    Click here for a Spanish summary version of the 4 areas of focus of the Strategic Blueprint.
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