• Communication

    Communication is an essential process for any successful school.  Not only do my staff and I want to capitalize on our ability to send our outgoing messages in the most effective manner, we also want to provide clear lines of communication for us to receive information from our students, their families, and the community.

    Below is a list of the medium of how we communicate outwardly to our community and where to look for information:

    Our website contains links to archived news and information related to our students and community.  Student announcements are added daily.  Please consider bookmarking https://www.naperville203.org/Domain/23 on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as a way of keeping up with Kennedy news and information.

    Weekly Talk 203 Messages:  
    Sent typically every Wednesday at 4:00, this weekly e-mail previews any information Kennedy families need to know in the upcoming week.

    @KJHSPrincipal Twitter account:  
    Tweets link to articles and research on education topics related to school improvement.  This handle is not used to share news, updates, etc.

    School Signage:  
    Both our Green Trails Drive marquee and electronic sign reinforce information already communicated through the website or Talk 203.  These signs are updated several times during the month; though timely, their intended use is for reminders.

    In instances when your family would like to communicate back to our school, the list of channels below should help you locate the most direct method to meet your need:

    Student Safety Concerns:
    If a legitimate and genuine concern for the safety of a student has come to your attention, the following school staff can be an important resource:

    Julia Freed, Assistant Principal           (630) 420-3222        jmfreed@naperville203.org
    Patrick Gaskin, Principal                        (630) 420-3220     pgaskin@naperville203.org  
    , School Resource Officer       (630) 420-2823