• Home & School

    • Mission Statement

      The Naperville District 203 Home & School Association’s mission is to encourage and facilitate a cooperative partnership among our students, parents/guardians, and District staff and administration to support and enhance the school experience of each student. Home & School initiates and/or supports various programs through the donation of time and sponsorship from its District school population and community members. Home & School remains constantly fluid to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse student population.

      Home & School brochure

      General Home & School Officers

      President: Bonnie Ranieri
      Vice President: Jill Wroble
      Secretary:  Melissa Fosco
      Treasurer: Miki Thomas

      Home & School Presidents

      Ann Reid Early Childhood Center: Kelly Charlesworth, Cecilia Fox
      Beebe Elementary School: Jill Trainer
      Ellsworth Elementary School: Malinda Watson

      Elmwood Elementary School: Julie Swigert

      Highlands Elementary School: Jessica Brock
      Kingsley Elementary School: Steve Schnack
      Maplebrook Elementary School: Carrie Larson
      Meadow Glens Elementary School: Kate Uhler
      Mill Street Elementary School: Tonya Schmidt, Dani Bourgeois
      Naper Elementary School: Kim Marino, Katie Minott, Dana Reichardt 
      Prairie Elementary School: Naomi Wattles
      Ranch View Elementary School: Jill Wroble
      River Woods Elementary School: Melanie Manning
      Scott Elementary School: Paige Butler
      Steeple Run Elementary School: Becky Obermeier
      Jefferson Junior High School:
       Debbie Crossett
      Kennedy Junior High School: Amy Masterson
      Lincoln Junior High School: Jeanne O'Connell
      Madison Junior High School: Melissa Fosco
      Washington Junior High School: Tammy Schultz
      Naperville Central High School: Gay Lynn Wons
      Naperville North High School: Mary King

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