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  • 5-29-19

    Posted by Brian Valek on 5/29/2019

    Kennedy families,


    With the last few days of school upon us, please be aware of these important end of the year reminders for all families:


    • Our annual 8th grade promotion celebration, Moving On, will be held in our wood gymnasium on Friday afternoon.  We look forward to hosting hundreds of guests to recognize our departing students. Additional visitors will contribute to increased traffic, and student pick-up will likely take longer than normal.  As there will be the usual end of the year exuberance from our students, please take extra care to be aware of those who will be crossing roads on bikes or walking. As always, the front parking lot is not a safe space to pick up students.
    • As we move into summer, I will reduce the frequency of Talk 203 messages until we approach the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  Families of 8th graders transitioning to high school will have their school contact updated sometime in the month of July; until then, I apologize if you receive extra messages from Kennedy.
    • In the months of June and July, our daily hours for the main office will be from 7:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  If you need to contact a staff member outside of these hours, please leave a voicemail at (630) 420-3220.


    Please be aware of these additional announcements this week:


    School News


    Student Council Spirit Week: May 24-31

    May 30th: Beach Day

    May 31st: Dress Up Day


    Yearbook Distribution

    6th/7th Grades - Thursday, May 30


    8th Grade End of Year Events


    Locker Clean-Out

    Thursday, May 30th

    All student lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the day on Thursday, May 30th.  Students will not be able to access their lockers after the Moving On ceremony.

    Moving On Ceremony

    Friday, 5/31

    8th Grade students will be encouraged to bring their own lunch to school on May 31st; however, if needed, students are allowed to purchase from the cafeteria and return to the pod (6th graders will be eating in the MPR at this time).  Students are not to order in food for the day--our policies and food contract guidelines do not permit the delivery of food and due to the schedule changes, parent drop off is not guaranteed to be successful.

    Our ceremony is scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m. sharp so we can finish at approximately 1:45. We are aware that some families have other obligations to elementary siblings finishing school on that day and may need to leave Kennedy soon after our event ends.  All 8th graders and their guests are welcome to stay for a reception immediately following the ceremony.

    I am greatly appreciative of our parent volunteers who will be giving their time on Friday and helping us facilitate our event.  We have asked them to follow our ticket and admission policies to help us conduct the ceremony within the guidelines of our space as well as using a process that helps visitors enter in a safe, orderly process.  Please be respectful of their efforts to support our students and staff.

    8th Grade Giving

    As an annual tradition, each 8th grade class at Kennedy identifies a community organization to support through a class gift made with contributions by students.  This year, the class of 2019 has chosen The Kennedy Peers Program/Council for Exceptional Children as the recipient of their efforts.  Donated funds will help acquire games and other equipment for inclusive activities. Student volunteers will be collecting donations in 8th grade lunches during the final week of school.

    6th and 7th End of the Year Events

    Locker Clean-Out

    All student lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the day on Thursday, May 30th.

    Friday, May 31st Lunch

    Regular food service will be available.  Students are not to order in food for the day--our policies and food contract guidelines do not permit the delivery of food and due to the schedule changes, parent drop off is not guaranteed to be successful.


    Community News


    Illinois 6th Congressional District to participate in the 2019 Congressional App Challenge (CAC)

    Officially launched in 2015, this competition is a nationwide event intended to engage students’ creativity and encourage their participation in STEM fields. Students will create a software application, or “app,” for mobile, tablet, or computer devices on a platform of their choosing. Students may compete as individuals or in teams of up to four, as long as two of the teammates are eligible to participate in our district.

    Students of all skill levels are strongly encouraged to participate. The CAC was created because Congress recognized that STEM and computer-based skills are essential for economic growth and innovation and that the U.S. has been falling behind on these fronts. By some estimates, the U.S. may be short by as many as a million programmers by 2020. These are high-paying, high-demand jobs. It’s crucial that the United States invests in our youth now and helps them acquire these valuable skills. The CAC encourages students to pursue those skills and recognizes them for their efforts.

    Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the district. Their apps are eligible to be featured on a display in the U.S. Capitol building, on, and on the Congressional App Challenge website.

    The challenge launches June 5th, and students are encouraged to register online by September 10th before submitting their app by the November 1st deadline.

    For additional details, you can visit

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Mary Sheehy at or (630)-520-9450.  


    Repeated News


    Important Phone Numbers

    For direct connection, please use these numbers:


    Attendance Line - 630-848-5636 (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report a student absence, early dismissal or late arrival)

    Health Office - 630-420-3231

    Main Office - 630-420-3220


    As we wrap up our school year, I would like to extend my gratitude to our parent community for all of your support throughout the year.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer; I look forward to hearing the new successes of our 8th graders in high school and to welcome back our 6th and 7th grade students this August.


    Brian Valek


    Kennedy Junior High School

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Strategic Blueprint

  • District 203’s FOCUS 2020 Strategic Blueprint

    Posted by Superintendent Dan Bridges on 6/27/2014
    FOCUS 2020 is the strategic plan for comprehensive improvement between 2014 and 2020, designed in response to community feedback, best practice, and a vision for the future. Ultimately, this blueprint will advance the fulfillment of the district’s mission.
    FOCUS 2020’s foundation is the Future Focus Community Engagement process that occurred over the course of a year where hundreds of members from across the community provided feedback to the district leadership regarding areas such as facilities, finances, measuring student success, and programs of study. Learn more about Future Focus by clicking on the specific “Quick Link” to the left of this text.
    The Blueprint includes four “Strategic Focus” areas, namely to:
    1. Design and implement effective practices that promote learning experiences for all.
    2. Foster a high-performance culture focused on student learning.
    3. Steward resources effectively to promote student learning.
    4. Effective communication and community relations.
    Each Strategic Focus then establishes “Commitments.” These commitments are what the district leadership pledges to accomplish within a distinct timeframe. Each commitment then includes a detailed “Action Plan” which will be accessible by the public upon final draft.
    District administrators provided an update on Blueprint Commitments to the Board of Education at the July 27, 2015 meeting.  To watch that presentation, please click here
    Click here for a summary version of the 4 areas of focus of the Strategic Blueprint.
    Click here for a Spanish summary version of the 4 areas of focus of the Strategic Blueprint.
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