• Kennedy Bands


    6th Grade Band

    Students will rehearse two days per week during supervised study on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. The schedule is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. All 6th grade band students will perform all band concerts as one ensemble.
    Rehearsal Times:
    Tuesday and Thursday - 9th period - Full band
    Monday - 9th period - Percussion class
    Wednesday - 9th period - Beginners and Instruments switches

    7th Grade Band

    This group is under the direction of Michael McManis and Matthew Dethrow. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals, lessons, and performances. They will perform high quality musical literature intended to challenge them as individuals as well as their understanding of an individual's impact within a larger group. They are expected to arrive prepared for all lessons and large group rehearsals. They are encouraged to independently master the majority of the technical aspects of the assigned literature and independently seek out any necessary assistance.
    Rehearsal Times:
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8th period

    8th Grade Band

    This group is under the direction of Michael McManis and Matthew Dethrow.  Students in this group are typically the most dedicated instrumentalists in the program and are dedicated to the most outstanding performing group possible.
    Members of this group are expected to make a 100 percent commitment to the ensemble in terms of attendance, musical preparation, and participation in concerts and festivals.  They are expected to apply higher level thinking skills in an effort to become independent learners in mastering technical aspects of musical literature.  Large group rehearsals focus on musical interpretation and expression.  They are expected to independently prepare technical aspects of literature prior to rehearsing together in a large group setting.
    Rehearsal Times:
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 4th period