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  • Team Members


    Mrs. Pantol, Team Leader*
    Math/Honors Math, Social Science
    Email: kpantol@naperville203.org
    Voice Mail: (630) 848-5608

    Ms. Barrett
    Science, Social Science
    Email: abarrett@naperville203.org
    Voice Mail: (630) 848-5486

    Mr. Madsen
    PI, Language Arts, Social Science
    Email: dmadsen@naperville203.org
    Voice Mail: (630) 848-5603

    Mrs. Shin
    Language Arts, Social Science
    Email: mshin@naperville203.org
    Voice Mail: (630) 848-5616

    Mrs. Romano
    Voice Mail: (630) 579-7125
    * Mrs. Pantol is currently on leave. Mr. DouCette is sub. Mrs. Shin is the acting Team Leader until she returns.