What's the difference between Canvas and Campus Portal?

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Campus Portal Support

   •    The Campus Portal is used for parents to obtain and print their students’ schedules, view grades and to verify demographic information
   •    Parents may contact us to receive Portal Access Keys or to reset their passwords
   •    Students should be encouraged to contact their building CSA for support accessing Campus Portal
   •    Support or Questions:
         o    For support or questions regarding Portal access, parents can email parentsupport@naperville203.org or call 630-420-6825.

   •    Canvas is a communication tool between teachers, students and parents when it comes to posting homework assignments. 
   •    Parents can create a separate account (they do not use Campus Portal Log ins) though an invitation by the teacher. 
         o    While student’s have Canvas accounts, parents may contact the teacher to receive an invitation to become a class “observer”. 
         o    Students should direct their questions to their building CSA for support. 
   •    Support and Questions? 
         o    All Canvas questions should be directed to the teacher and not SIS203, as we cannot create or reset accounts for Canvas.