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    Ann Reid Home & School 2020-2021 Positions 

    ARECC has the following Home & School Executive Board positions open for the
    2020-2021 school year. If you would like to be considered for one of these board
    positions or would like further information, please drop off your nomination in our
    ballot box (located in the ARECC front lobby) or contact ARECC’s current H&S
    president, Kelly Charlesworth at arecchs.president@gmail.com.

    Nominations are due by March 6, 2020. Elections will occur in March, date and time will be posted soon.  

    Home & School Executive Board Duties

    • President: Shall preside over all meetings of H & S and have general
      supervision over all activities of the Association. Reviews all financial
      transactions of the association and serve as signatory on financial accounts.
      Shall oversee all committees and attend monthly Board of Manager
      meetings for District 203 General Home & School Association.
    • Vice President: Shall be responsible for creating and overseeing
      fundraising efforts. Other duties include attending monthly executive and
      general H&S meetings and assuming all duties of the president in the event
      of the president’s absence.
    • Treasurer: Shall be responsible for receiving, depositing, and disbursing
      all H&S funds and keep accurate records of funds. Treasurer attends all
      executive and general H&S meetings as well as a District 203 treasurer
      meetings each year. Helps set and review committee budgets.
    • Secretary: Shall attend executive and general H&S meetings. Create and
      distribute meeting agenda handouts. Read minutes from previous meetings
      and take notes of various committee updates and other important information.
      Email notes to executive board members and specified ARECC staff. Update
      volunteer list throughout the year.

    Home & School Committee


    • Social Committee: Shall be responsible for organizing various social events
      throughout the year such as spirit night, movie night, playground play dates., etc.
    • Gift Card Program: Shall be responsible for all aspects of the gift card program
      (Great Scripts) two times per year (holiday and end of year).
    • Book Fair Volunteer Coordinator: The book fair will be held in the fall and spring
      (in conjunction with parent/teacher conferences). The chairperson will be
      responsible for coordinating volunteers to help with display set-up and removal,
      and assisting during the book fair.
    • Directory Spot: Shall be responsible for uploading the new, approved class list
      to the DirectorySpot app and attending to any questions throughout the year
      regarding DirectorySpot.
    • Spirit Wear: Shall be responsible for all aspects of the spirit wear
    • Duckling Dash: Shall be responsible for assisting in any needs for the Duckling
      Dash event at the end of the year. Those needs include (but are not limited to)
      things such as, obtaining bananas, ordering the water bottles, ordering the
    • School Supplies: Shall be responsible for the purchase of school supplies kits.
      Shall coordinate the notification to all parents/guardians of school supply packets
      and coordinate the purchase and distribution of same.
    • Hospitality: Shall be responsible for coordinating parent donations and volunteer
      assistance to supply meals/drinks/utensils during parent/teacher conferences (2
      times per year).
    • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Coordinator: Shall be responsible for coordinating
      events with the Principal for American Education Week in the fall, Teacher
      Appreciation Week in the spring, Custodians Day, Secretary’s Day, Nurses Day,
      and Principals Day. The district provides a list of all the staff appreciation specific

    Job descriptions are also posted on the Ann Reid Home & School

    Ann Reid's Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ARECCHS/