• Mission Statement / Vision 


    The Early Childhood Program's mission is to partner with families and the community to ensure all young children in D203 receive high quality play-based learning experiences to nurture independence, collaboration, critical thinking, and social skills.


    The Ann Reid Early Childhood Center


    The name of our new school, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center, was determined by a community wide selection process. Community members submitted over 60 names to a committee, comprised of staff, parents, community and business members, along with students from the high school. After a great deal of discussion and voting, the top choices were passed onto the District 203 School Board who continued the discussion and gathering of input, eventually voting to name the school, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center.   


    Ann Reid was a very special educator and administrator who serviced our District in a number of capacities (speech and language pathologist, Special Education Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and Assistant Director of Special Education) for over 30 years. She was a consummate professional, who had a special place in her heart for the Early Childhood Program. She was instrumental in the first At-Risk classroom and just prior becoming ill, Ann helped this administrator with the Early Childhood Program, as the growth of the program necessitated expanding to several schools. She is remembered as a kind, caring professional who always put the needs of the children above all else. One of her favorite quotes was, "Bloom wherever you are planted", which are inspiring words to remember with our early learners. It is also fitting that the Early Childhood Program has the first school in the district named after a woman. We will always remember Ann and feel the school named after a special educator is a fitting tribute to a person who personified what it means to be an educator.




    The mascot for the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center is the 'Ducklings'. You may ask, why ducklings? Ducklings learn in groups but move toward independence as they grow. They live and adapt to different environments, walking on land, swimming in the water and flying in the air. Ducklings also imprint upon their first teacher. Based upon all these reasons, we have decided it is the perfect mascot. It also fits beautifully with our school colors, which are blue and yellow.