• Mrs. Lucinda Madden

    Subject Area:  Art


    6th Grade Art Curriculum Goals


    We will focus on communication uses our senses, thoughts, ideas, and emotions. We will concentrate on the Visual Literacy components of Elements and Principles, Art Thinking Skills, Characteristics of Creativity, and the idea of expressive communication in reading and creating art. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the art elements by being able to apply them in different mediums and how to use the art elements to create personally expressive work. Students will comprehend how art incorporates the district mission statement and how to apply the mission statement goals in the art classroom.
    Click here to view examples of 6th-grade student work.

    7th Grade Art Curriculum Goals

    We will discover visual literacy, which is interpreting meaning from information gained by studying artwork. Each culture and time period has its own unique language that is both culturally specific and universal. In 7th grade, we will explore cultural groups in our world and the ideas and expressions that are communicated. Students will learn that every culture has a unique way of expressing themselves technically and aesthetically. They will apply their personal expression in meaningful applications using their own and other cultural styles. Students will also understand the similarities and differences between cultures and subcultures in their art and artifacts. As we create, we will study Art vocabulary, Elements, and Principles of Art, and use a variety of mediums and techniques.

    8th Grade Art Curriculum Goals

    We will discover the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive images necessary to communicate ideas visually and solve problems in class. We will study worldwide contemporary and American artists. Students will learn that art is everywhere and is applicable to every career and industry. They will personally synthesize their knowledge, create meaningful applications and be creative problem solvers to contribute to their future. Students will understand what artists are saying today and how it reflects society.
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