PE Uniforms

  • Madison PE Shirt The PE uniform that our staff and students have chosen consists of a T-shirt and gym shorts. The T-shirt is black and gray. The words "Madison Health Club" are printed across the front along with a space provided for printing the student's name with a permanent marker. This shirt is required to be worn for physical education class daily.
    Our physical education policy states that the student may wear any solid colored shorts to class. Shorts should be long enough to meet the expectations of the district dress code. This does not include jams or any multi-colored shorts that have designs on them. It is required that the shorts have the student's name on them somewhere in case they are lost or misplaced.
    The students are also required to have white socks, gym shoes and outside clothing for classes in the fall and early spring. These items should also be marked with the student's name.

    Need to Purchase a Madison PE Shirt?

    The link to order is now closed. If you need to order gym shirts for your student(s), please see the athletic director, Mr. Scherrman for purchase.