Units and Grading

  • Physical Education Units:

    Football, LaCrosse, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Core Training, Team Building, Dance, Rollerblading, Golf, Team Games & Softball.
    Eighth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in elective units in the spring. These units will be announced when students return from Spring Break.

    Health Units:

    Students will spend 6 weeks in the health classroom. While taking Health, they will continue to do weekly Fitness Center and Cardiovascular workouts to maintain their fitness.
    6th Grade Units-Health Triangle, First Aid & Personal Safety
    7th Grade Units-Substance Awareness, Human Sexuality
    8th Grade Units-Body Systems, Leading Causes of Death, Suicide Prevention Program


    Students will earn points in each of the following areas:
    Unit Time in Zone: Students are required to wear a heart rate monitor and spend 40 minutes in their Target Heart Rate Zone during each unit.
    Unit Participation Rubric: Students will be assessed on their participation during each unit.
    Unit Assessment: Students will complete a short quiz or journal entry during each unit.
    Fitness Center: Students will be required to work in their target heart rate zone while on cardio equipment and demonstrate proper use of weight equipment.
    Cardio Activity: Students will be required to work in their target heart rate zone.

    Fitness Testing Records:

    At home workouts: ( Link to Schermanity workouts) Yoga journal 
    PE Award Winners:
    PE/Health on the internet: http://fit.webmd.com/teen/move/article/exercise-boosts-brain