PE Expectations

  • Madison PE Shirt Uniform: In order to practice good hygiene students are expected to change into their PE uniform daily. A uniform consists of an MJHS PE shirt with last name written on the front, athletic bottoms (no pockets), socks and gym shoes. Students are not allowed to wear the bottoms that they wore to school during their PE class period. Shorts must meet the criteria written in the school dress code. It is recommended that students have warm weather clothing in their PE locker as we continue to go outdoors thru November. It is also recommended that students keep an extra pair of socks in their locker as the grass can be wet in during the morning class periods.
    Make-ups: When students are absent it is their responsibility to see their teacher to find out what they missed. If students have missed a cardio run day they will be required to do a make-up run in the fitness center. If students have had an extended absence, they may be required to make-up some of the required time in zone for the unit they missed.
    Canvas: Teachers will be posting assignments and assessments on Canvas. Canvas can be accessed thru the school website. Students are responsible for completing assignments in a timely manner. If students do not have internet access they may see their teacher for assistance.