PE Technology

  • Heart Rate Straps: Students will receive a heart rate monitor strap at the beginning of their 6th grade year. The strap will be issued by their Physical Education Teacher. Each student is responsible for keeping this strap for all three years at MJHS. The strap will be used 3-5 days per week and it is necessary that the student have it with them daily. The strap should be locked in their PE locker. If the strap is lost or no longer working the student will be required to purchase a new one from the PE department at the cost of $13.

    Heart Rate Monitors: Students will have the opportunity to use heart rate monitor technology to monitor and improve their cardiovascular workouts in PE. In physical education class, heart rate monitors place the emphasis on movement and not on athleticism. On some days students will be using a watch and a “nugget” which they will attach to their heart rate strap. The watch will allow students to adjust their level of exertion so that they are working at a moderate to vigorous level. Students will be required to work in the target heart rate zone which is set at 150-185 beats per minute. The zone is set so that students get the most “bang for their buck” from their workout. The zone requires moderate effort; you slightly notice your breathing, your muscles, and sweat. Benefits to working in the target heart rate zone include but are not limited to improved cardiovascular endurance, body composition and heart muscle health.

    Polar GoFit: Students will also have the opportunity to use a Bluetooth heart rate monitoring system. When using the GoFit system, student will only wear a “nugget” which will attach to their heart rate monitor strap. While exercising, the student’s heart rate data will appear on an iPad. When the workout has concluded, students and parents will be able to access heart rate data from a home or school computer at