Physical Education / Health

  • Exercise is like Miracle Grow for the brain.

    -Dr. John Ratey


     The Vision of the MJHS PE and Health Department is to produce students who:
    • Know and apply the principles and components of health-related fitness.
    • Participate in activities while demonstrating sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation.
    • Possess the ability to participate in individual and team activities, weight training and cardiovascular training throughout their lifetime.
    • Understand how being fit can affect their physical, mental and social well-being.
    • Use technology to monitor and improve their level of fitness.
    • Follow directions and make responsible decisions.
    • Participate with a positive attitude.

    Madison's Physical Education Staff

    Mrs. Tricia DeGraff
    Ms. Valerie Pelizza
    Mr. John Scherrman, Department Coordinator
    Mrs. AnneMarie Tomek