Fitness Center

  • Students will work in the fitness center weekly. The Fitness Center is designed for our students benefit, enjoyment and wellness. Please use it properly and help us to keep it in good working condition by respecting the following rules:
    1. Students are not allowed in the fitness center without a teacher present.
    2. Improper conduct and use of the fitness center will result in removal from the fitness center for that class.
    3. Use the equipment only as you have been instructed by your teacher:
      • Power lifting is not allowed!! Select a weight that you can perform 12-15 repetitions. **Medium Weight and Medium Repetition**
      • Make sure pins are secure in the machine and the machine is set at the proper weight for you. Keep hands away from all moving parts.
      • Lift through full “Range of Motion”
      • Lift on a count of two and return on a count for four.
      • Avoid clanging the weights. Control the weights and let them down slowly. This will prevent injuries to yourself and the machines.
      • Use machines only as they are designed to be used. Keep proper body alignment by adjusting the machine to fit you.
    4. Students are to remain seated while riding bikes.
    5. Students are to choose a speed that allows them to remain in control of their body while on the treadmill, bikes and elliptical.
    6. Report any equipment breakdown to your teacher immediately.