Power of Choice

  • The Power of Choice is a primary substance abuse prevention program focused on growing the number of youth who make healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

    This is a massive communications campaign taking place in all District 203 and District 204 high schools and junior high/middle schools.

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    Power of Choice Link Keep Talking to Your Child about Drugs and Alcohol…They Really are Listening-­‐-­‐Parents often believe that their pre-­‐teens are not listening and don’t care what they have to say. The Power of Choice recently asked several 6-­‐8th grade students from Districts 203 and 204, “What advice would you give parents of future 6th, 7th & 8th graders?”

    Their overwhelming response was, “Keep talking to your kids even when it looks like they’re not listening. They need you to keep talking…we really are listening.” The truth is, young people ARE listening to their parents. Read the Parents Use Your Power January Newsletter for tips about how to have those very important conversations with your child about drugs and alcohol at: http://thepowerofchoice.info/newsletters/