• Jefferson Junior High School Intramural Wrestling 2021-2022

    6th graders are invited!!!

    Come and try the one of the oldest sports in history.  Intramural wrestling in the wood gym from 3-4:30 pm on the following dates:

    November:  Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th 

    December:  Thursday 16th, Tuesday 21st

    January: Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th

    Wrestling Image

    The coaches  and experienced 7th and 8th graders show basic wrestling moves to first year grapplers.  We work on technique, live wrestling and wrestling games (“Ring of Fire”, “Don’t get pinned”, and arm, finger and leg wrestling”).  Wrestling shoes are encouraged but not necessary.  P.E. clothing or shorts and a tight t-shirt should be worn.  We meet in the tile gym. Come and join the tradition!