Speech Pathology Services

  • Mission Statement

    District 203 speech and language pathologists are responsible for identifying, evaluating and providing services for preschool and school-age children who exhibit difficulties with communication skills. As members of the educational support team, they promote and support students’ academic and social success by providing services targeting remediation in the following areas of communication:

    • Articulation
    • Fluency
    • Voice
    • Vocabulary
    • Receptive Language
    • Expressive Language
    • Pragmatic/Social Language

    School Speech and Language Pathologists help students to:

    • Speak with clarity
    • Expand vocabulary
    • Increase language ability
    • Increase academic success
    • Improve interpersonal communication skills
    • Communicate with confidence

    School Speech and Language Pathologists support parents and families to:

    • Understand their child’s communication difficulties
    • Participate more fully in the support of their student’s speech and language progress
    • Access programs available to students with special needs
    • Use school and community resources more effectively



Our Speech Pathologist