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Jefferson Contact Information

First Last Email Phone (630)- Job Title Team
Baccu Aliaj Custodian Buildings & Grounds
Laurel Anderson 420-6361 School Counselor - 7th Student Personnel Services
Amanda Bartman 579-7128 Psychologist - Part-time Student Personnel Services
Mary Berrafato 420-6307 Executive Secretary Support Staff
Amanda Bert 848-5667 Language Arts General Teaching
John Bilardello 848-5640 Mathematics General Teaching
Adam Blazek 420-2685 Language Arts General Teaching
Holly Bontkowski 848-5669 Language Arts General Teaching
Katherine Bora 548-4478 Mathematics/Social Science General Teaching
Mary Bratland 848-3981 Learning Behavior Specialist Special Education
Danielle Brown 848-5452 Science General Teaching
Jennifer Cabrera 328-5878 Mathematics General Teaching
Araceli Canty 848-5610 Language Arts-Dual Language General Teaching
Josh Christenson 420-3991 Resource Officer Administration
Matthew Colbert 420-2957 General Music/Chorus Director Exploratory
Christina Cortez Special Education Assistant-Bilingual Special Education
Vanessa Daker 305-7119 EL General Teaching
Sharon DiPrima 420-6358 Health Technician Health Office
Jessica Erives 420-4258 Computer Support Associate Technology
Elizabeth Fako Special Education Assistant Student Services
Lindsey Fansler 579-7616 Art Exploratory
Scott Farnan 579-7152 Learning Behavior Specialist Special Education
Leslie Figueroa 579-7557 Language Arts/Social Science-Dual Language General Teaching
Sara Finkelstein 630-848-5425 Language Arts General Teaching
Kimberly Fricke 420-6307 Principal Administration