Reporting An Absence

  • All schools in Naperville School District 203 have a uniform procedure for reporting absences and have two methods to make that request.  


    Log into your Infinite Campus Portal:

    Watch this short video for step-by-step directions.

    Infinite Campus Portal Help

    CALL-IN PROCEDURE: Call 630-420-4747 before 8:00 a.m.

    The JJHS attendance line must be contacted each day your student is not in attendance unless you have made other arrangements with the office. All prearranged absences must be submitted in writing, including a parent/guardian signature, to the office prior to the absence. Otherwise, the office will be trying to contact you at home, work, or through emergency contact numbers to make sure your child is safe. Please keep all phone numbers current by notifying the office in writing.

Reporting An Appointment/Early Dismissal from School

  • For your convenience, when your child needs to leave school early, or you need to take your child to an appointment during the school day, please follow the procedures listed below:
    • The day of the appointment, send a note with your student indicating what time you need to pick him/her up and the reason for leaving.
    • Your child must bring the note to the main office prior the beginning of first period.  A pass will be provided and all teachers are notified of any early dismissals.
    • If the student does not submit a note on the day of the early dismissal, a parent/guardian must come into the building to sign the student out.
    • When it is time to leave class, the pass should be given to the teacher, and your child may proceed to the main office to wait for you.  Parents/guardians or documented emergency contacts may pick up your student after signing them out in the main office.  In certain situations and with parent/guardian notification, an authorized, legal adult may also pick up the student.
    • When your child returns, he/she must check in at the main office and receive an admittance slip for their next class.
    • The admittance pass obtained in the office should be presented to the next classroom teacher.