Intramurals for Fall 2020

  • Intramurals will be taking place outside every school day from 3:30-4:45 until Thanksgiving.  The offerings include kickball, softball, soccer, frisbee golf and bags.  See the schedule below for date when each is offered.

    Please remember that there are 5 things we are asking prior to attending intramurals:

    1. A signed consent form needs to be turned in prior to participating. (This can be brought on the first day, or sent to Jefferson ℅ John Bilardello)
    2. There is a one time $26 Fee to participate in intramurals. This $26 covers all intramurals no matter how many or how few you participate in. If you write a check please make it out to JJHS.
    3. If you require bussing for the intramurals, please be sure to complete the form above by September 28th.
    4. On the day of that you participate in Intramurals at Jefferson, we ask that your child fill out the self certification form that is also on Jefferson’s home page. This will help us expedite check-in, and prepare for the students coming in.
    5. Students will need to bring and wear a mask.

    The schedule for intramurals is shown below. Please contact John Bilardello with any questions.

Transportation Request Form

  • With the remote start to our school year, the district is offering transportation to and from practice to those that qualify. If your child has the opportunity to take a bus to school on a regular school day then they have the opportunity to take the bus to and from practice. In order to utilize the district transportation, please fill out the following form:

    Request for District Transportation