Cheerleading 2020-21

  • Cheerleading is being offered to all 7th and 8th graders interested in a skills camp format. Due to restrictions from the state and IDPH we will not be able to cheer at games this year. We will instead be providing a camp format that will promote cheer skills & strategies. Practices will consist of learning cheers, cheer techniques, and dance routines.

    In order to participate you must complete our registration form prior to 11/13/20. Schedules and POD information will be emailed to families no later than 11/16/20. Our first practices begin 11/18 with our first assigned group of athletes.

    There will be NO tryouts for cheerleading this year. Athletes will be divided into Pods (7th & 8th grade combinations) and then assigned days to attend. Pods will be run by our two coaches daily. There are two COVID related forms that must be submitted prior to the first practice (if they have been turned in already they don't need to be done again).  Athletes will not be allowed to attend if they are not completed. 

    Form 1

    Form 2

    Practices Information:

    • 3:00pm-4:45pm, Monday-Friday. (sShedules will be provided).
    • Transportation: Activity buses will be provided daily for any athletes that need to take a bus to school. Please make sure you specify your means of transportation below. 
    • Students will have their temperature & symptoms checked daily as they arrive to practice. 
    • All participants must be masked for entire practice.
    • Athletes should bring their own water/drinks.


    If you have any questions, please contact John Bilardello: