Executive Board 2021-2022

Executive Board Duties

  • At Prairie Elementary, the Home and School Association Board (H&S) consists of elected officers, standing committee chairpersons, the Principal and a faculty representative.  A current listing of the Board can be found in the current year’s school directory or on the Prairie Elementary website


    The President oversees H&S operations. This individual serves a one-year term as President after having served a one-year term as Vice-President. The President’s duties include (but are not limited to) overseeing the monthly Executive Board and H&S meetings, attending the monthly General H&S meetings at the district level, signing all vendor contracts that are related to H&S fundraising, mentoring the Vice President, maintaining written and electronic files, and working with the Executive Board in order to meet the goals of the H&S mission statement.

    Vice President

    The Vice President is elected by the membership for a two-year commitment. The first year is served as Vice President, and in the second year, the Vice President assumes the position of President. The Vice President is responsible for assembling the weekly electronic newsletter, Week-at-a-Glance (“WAAG”). The Vice President works closely with the President throughout the year, attending monthly H&S meetings, Executive Board meetings, and performing other duties as needed.


    The Secretary is elected by the H& S membership and serves a two-year term. The secretary’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recording and distributing monthly H&S minutes, preserving all minutes per General H&S policies, receiving and distributing correspondence to H&S, and maintaining the Youngest/Only (Y/O) distribution lists in the classrooms. The Secretary also attends monthly Executive Board meetings. 


    The Treasurer is elected by the H&S membership and serves a two-year term. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial health of H&S. This individual prepares monthly reports that are presented at the H&S meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for making H&S bank deposits, reimbursing expenses, and balancing accounts. The treasurer also maintains and preserves all financial records per General H&S policies. 


    Note: In order to serve as Vice President/President, an individual must have been a chairperson for at least one of the H&S committees.