Art Awareness

  • During the school year, Art Awareness Volunteers will present curriculum-related art topics in the classrooms. The topics and artists covered for each grade level are listed below. Here you will find all the associated documents, PDFs, presentations and videos you will need to present to each class.

    For more questions on Art Awareness, please contact the Committee Chairs, Amanda Donegan or Maggie Rubin at


  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Claude Monet Project: Watercolor Painting
    2. Chippewa Tribal Project: Dream Catchers
    3. Huichol Project: Yarn Creations/Paintings
  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Alexander Calder: Project: Kinesthetic Sculpture 
    2. Faith Ringold: Project: Community Quilt
    3. Louise Nevelson: Project: Rainforest Montage
  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Century WalkProject: Class Mural Reflecting Life in Naperville 
    2. AustraliaProject: Bark Paintings
    3. EgyptProject: Hieroglyphics
  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Yann Bertrand & Vincent Van Gogh: Project: Bird's Eye View and Perspective Drawing
    2. Medieval TimesProject: Manuscript, Embossed Letters
    3. Japanese ArtProject: Sumi Ink Paintings



  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Stephanie Kiker/ Southeast Region -
        Project: Art Reflecting Life in the Southeast
    2. Mr. Imagination/ Found Art -
        Project: Sculptures Using Found Art
    3. Ansel Adams/South-Southwest Region - 
        Project: Black and White Sketches

  • Trimester Topics:

    1. Norman Rockwell  - Project: Four Freedoms Poster
    Freedom Quilts/Slave Quilts - Project: Class Freedom Quilt
    Pablo Picasso/Guernica - Project: Political Protest Art





  • Kindergarten Resources Found Here

    Dream Catcher Silhouette Clip Art

  • Gr1 Art Awareness Resources Here

    Hexagram Quilt Clip Art

  • Gr 2 Art Awareness Resources Here

    Egyptian Hieroglyph Clip Art

  • Grade 3 Art Resources

    Medival Letter G Clipart


  • 4th Grade Resources

     Ansel Adams Gr4 Resources Image


  • 5th Grade Art Appreciation Resources

    Bust of a Woman, Pablo Picasso